Helping Catholic authors brainstorm and improve your novel.

Most Catholic authors have amazing novels they want to tell. But they’re afraid no one will care. Or it won’t be good enough.  Get the brainstorming help you need to go deeper your story, enrich your characters, and tell a story that will fascinate readers from the first page.

Dominic de Souza

Hi, I’m Dominic de Souza, Developmental Editor for Catholic Authors.

Catholic authors often feel under siege by modern culture. But we shouldn’t.

We see the world in a unique way. As Catholics, we are heirs to a heritage of fantastic and ancient wealth. The stories we have the potential to tell can set hearts afire, the way the classics do in every generation.

We just need the courage to reach out and grasp the dream. And get help to do it well.  We are storytellers. We have to write.

The world doesn’t need more ‘Catholic fiction’. The world needs more Catholic authors to write fiction.

A second opinion who ‘gets’ you.

Enrich Your Characters

Get to know your characters, deepen their backstories, and clarify their motivations for action.

Thicken Your Plot

Take your story to the next level by brainstorming ways to make it more interesting and exciting.

Editing Advice

Get advice, tips and suggestions to improve your style and write with greater clarity.

Fill in Plot Holes

Get the confidence that your story holds together with fresh ideas, and iron out your blind spots.

Objective Feedback

Like you, I care about your amazing story. Everything is to help you succeed. Get ideas, not criticism.

Catholic to the Core

Being Catholic doesn’t shackle your creativity. It’s a lifeline that helps you explore anything. 

'How to Be a Catholic Author' Free Ebook A Mental Reboot for the Modern Fiction Writer - by Dominic de Souza |

‘How to Be a Catholic Author’ Free Mini Course

Helping authors write exciting novels, connect faith with fiction, and be a better Catholic!

“Working with Dominic opened up whole new dimensions to my story that I had never even considered before.”

Eric Harrah, ‘The Sartonian Knight’

We have come from God and inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God.

J.R.R. Tolkien

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