“Abortion is Satan’s greatest victory since Original Sin.” Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand.

If abortion is just a personal choice, why is it equated to Original Sin?

Original Sin was far more than a personal choice.  In a universe-shattering moment, broiling in spiritual doubt, confusion, or even despair, Eve believed a lie and grabbed divinity for herself.

It wasn’t just a bite out of some primordial fruit. Adam and Eve’s decision was clear-cut self-idolatry. Our first parents echoed Lucifer’s cry that had split the Halls of Heaven before the beginning of time: ‘I will not serve.’

There are several discussion points in this topic, and I’m sure that Dr Alice was approaching it from the point of view of the annihilation of the feminine spirit, which is essentially life-giving and nurturing.  I’m curious to elaborate on another route.

A Cascade of Effects

This ‘self-appointed-divinity’ has inspired every false ideology since Creation, from Buddhism to Nazism to relativism. It is supremely selfish. It excuses every action and condones every desire. It has no consideration for others.

This pride is tantamount to insanity. It is insane to truly believe yourself divine, when you know full well that you are not responsible for your very existence.  Actually, it is supremely ridiculous for its arrogance.

And yet what other answer is there if you reject God?  Something has to be God. Nietzsche declared himself the ‘überman’, the pinnacle of evolution, the god of the universe. He tried to make himself comfortable on his altar of a mountaintop, and felt nothing but the biting coldness of loneliness and death.

Every culture throughout history has struggled to achieve divinity on its own, from the lapis lazuli and burnished gold of Egypt; to the black bulls and temples of Sumer; the yogic transcendentalism of India; the dictatorial, gold-drenched splendor of China; the gorgeous, bloodied macaw feathers of Meso-America. We see it continue later into the black and reds of the Nazis; the revolutionary fervor of the French Revolution; the stark fists of the socialists, and so on.

And here we are with our modern western culture, so badly split from stem to stern with an abortive mentality that we will not last another century (as we know ourselves). Why does mankind never learn?

It’s too attractive and easy a rut to fall back into.

Breaking out of a Maze of Mirrors

If Original Sin was Satan’s victory in destroying human nature, then abortion is his victory in the destruction of humanity itself.

For the record, I’m not attacking any person, especially women who have experienced abortion.  For many, it is not seen as an option, but as their only option.

Every human being is either worshiping at the altar of God, or sitting on an altar to himself.  God is the Author of Life, and gives of His life that we might grow to live abundantly. The Lord of Death teaches us to self-adore, and to kill our very children – born and unborn, our aged and our sickly – so that we might pursue happiness unhindered.

For many, I’m willing to hazard that having children is the clearest path to salvation they might ever get.

Having a baby brings all the consequences of responsibility; living for someone else. It’s a paradigm shift; we can no longer be the center of our personal solar system. We can no longer live day by day thinking about ourselves – how we are going to study, eat, enjoy ourselves and have fun tomorrow.

Having a child replaces the sun in our life. We have to break out of this maze of mirrors we’ve constructed around us, and look in one direction; at a child.

Now all our energies have a focus. Now all our efforts have a purpose. Now we have a reason to struggle day after day, ignoring our desires, putting aside our hopes for fun and pleasure. In giving life to another, we must die to self daily.  Ayn Rand would disapprove.

In a nutshell, abortion follows Original Sin with great simplicity; if I am the center of my existence, then anything – especially another life – that replaces this center is undesirable. And it is this thought to which we are inspired, to perpetuate the culture of death.

G. K. Chesterton comments in Orthodoxy that at the end of his journeys through the cosmos, Man winds up back in a small garden and finds that he is not God, but only a broken god.


It took the cutting philosophies of the Greeks to realign Man’s vision from himself toward a horizon, however blurry. Then apocalyptic messages called out from that horizon and guided the Hebrews out of obscurity. Finally came the crystal-clear glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Resurrection and His institution of an immortal Church to exist beyond time and space as His Mystical Body.

It took this epoch-long process to soften Man up, so that he could accept the invitation to climb off his pedestal and get down on his knees to return sacrifice to God – to offer himself back to his Creator.

It takes the Sacraments of the Church, the disciplines and traditions of Christian living according to the Mind of Christ, to patch up this brokenness and restore in us the condition we enjoyed before the Fall, and get on with what’s important: getting to Heaven.

A grace-filled nature rejects the Mirror, and embraces the Telescope. We live every moment of life to beg for greater knowledge, love and service to God. The next step follows naturally. Procreation is the creation – with God’s help – of new souls to strive for Heaven. That being the case, our mission in life is to adore God, and help others adore God.

O great God, lord of Heaven and Earth, I prostrate myself before Thee. With all the angels and saints I adore Thee. I acknowledge Thee to be my Creator and Sovereign Lord, my First Beginning and Last End. I render to Thee the homage of my Being and my Life. I submit myself to Thy Holy Will and I devote myself to Thy Divine Service this day, and forever. Amen.

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