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Announcing: Pennon, the Quarterly Journal for the modern Catholic author

We’re really excited about this one. Starting this 2022, we plan to produce a journal every quarter! (the image above is a very rough, first draft!) Introducing: Pennon, the quarterly…

Dominic de Souza

We’re really excited about this one. Starting this 2022, we plan to produce a journal every quarter! (the image above is a very rough, first draft!)

Introducing: Pennon, the quarterly journal for modern Catholic authors

You will be able to purchase these journals, and have them shipped to your home. Since we’re crowdfunded to begin, we aren’t yet able to provide them as a subscription.

Why this journal?

Because we are hosting 4 fiction contests each year. Every quarter launches a new contest. The finalists, and the winning entries, will be published in this journal.

So it’s more than an exciting, story-packed collection of never-before-seen talent from teen and adult authors.

It’s also a way to help new authors get published! We believe it’s a valuable way to help teen authors and adults build their writing portfolios, and begin the experience of writing for publication.

Every story that makes it through the contests gets feedback from our contest hosts on how to improve their style, strengthen their story structure, and deal with feedback.

And it’s a way for fiction-loving families everywhere to enjoy a variety of new and inspirational stories.

Plus, it will contain motivating, educating articles to reflect on. Guidance from experienced and published authors on various aspects of being a modern author – from how to be a Catholic Author, how to get published, how to self-publish and more.

On top of that, Meet the Author sections too! Read the bios from authors we have recently interviewed on our podcast, and their recommended reading.

And more to come.

Who is ‘Pennon’ for?

Pennon is the quarterly journal for our community of modern, Catholic authors. It’s a way to get a physical copy of your winning story in your home, on your shelf, and to press into your friend’s hands.

Pennon is for Catholic authors and readers who are looking for ways to bring their fiction into the modern world. We don’t see our craft as a way to reinforce a culture, but to engage with popular themes and everlasting truths. We see our faith not as a creative straitjacket, but as a lifeline that lets us explore any genre and topic without getting lost.

Pennon readers are those who support our vision of building an exciting future of fresh, bright, and creative modern authors.

Why ‘Pennon’?

The word ‘pennon’ is an old English word for feather – part of our logo!

But Pennon also has the word ‘pen’ in it, which is what we authors are doing – penning our thoughts.

Lastly, a pennon/pennant is a small triangular flag that used to be flown, on a lance, steeple, or spire to signify a statement. Which matches our mission!

When will it appear?

We plan to land the first issue at then end of March, 2022.

After that, it will appear at the end of each quarter, once the contests have been launched, entered, and judged.

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