Send me any number of these:

  • A summary of your story structure/plot.
  • 1 or more chapter/s for review.
  • A writing sample for style feedback.
  • Description of your writers block in the context of your story for ideas.

Get help with plot structure, when you’ve introduced  your characters, fill in possible plot holes, seek out possible unresolved storylines, writing style suggestions.

I’ll read everything you send, and give you as many questions as I can to improve your story.

How it Works:

  1. This pricing is per page, so if you have multiple pages, purchase that many copies of this product.
  2. Your text must be single spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12.
  3. Contact me at [email protected] with your summary.
  4. Include your receipt number so that I can verify and get to work!

If your formatting isn’t what I’ve asked for, then I will format accordingly, and ask you to pay for any pages not covered by the $10/pg fee.

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