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‘Silhouettes of the Truth’ Podcast & Show

The show with Catholic fiction authors, hosted by Dominic de Souza.

We talk creed, craft, and co-creation, rooted in grit, grace, gods, and dragons…

We’re highlighting adult authors of all ages and genres, and your novels!

But it’s not just another fiction podcast. 

We’ll talk about their stories. We’ll learn their origins. And we’ll chat about their writing styles. But we’ll also chat about our common mission: CatholicAuthors in the modern world.

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About this Podcast

In the 4th century, St Basil outlined a mindset for his students, on how they should approach sacred and secular literature. His insights are the cornerstone of our approach at CatholicAuthor:

We shall become more intimately acquainted with these precepts in the sacred writings, but it is incumbent upon us, for the present, to trace, as it were, the silhouette of virtue in the [secular] authors.

You can check out the list of all the 7 quotes here.

In crafting fiction, we are also haunted by and hunting the ‘silhouettes’ of truth, beauty, and goodness that are dimly seen through stories. Human beings and human stories are full of flaws and fascination. As authors, we are drawn to dramatize the realities of the spiritual, mystical, and mortal life.

That’s why we’re starting a new show, to meet and introduce Catholic authors who enjoy and agree with our mission. Every author has read (or skimmed!) our free ‘How to be a Catholic Author‘ course. Our convos will circle their own approach and insights.

About your host: Dominic de Souza

A young, Catholic dad and novelist passionate about worldbuilding and Catholicism. I’m a graduate from the Writer’s Institute for Children’s Literature, self-published my children’s novel, and work as a full time marketer and graphic designer.

I am married, with a small girl and a smaller corgi. Novels are my first love, and CatholicAuthor is a home for us to chat about faith, fiction and writing fun.

As much as Sunday School bored me as a kid, the last ten years have been the fanning of a slow fire, the hunger to see a greater Catholic contribution to the world of novels and storytelling. We stand in the  middle of a vast renaissance of culture that hasn’t stopped from the 16th century. In our very century, our Church has also integrated these great needs for renewal within our tradition.

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