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‘Silhouettes of the Truth’ Podcast & Show

A pre-recorded show, published to YouTube and Spotify.

Podcast overview

We talk creed, craft, and co-creation, rooted in grit, grace, gods, and dragons…

We’re highlighting adult authors of all ages and genres, and your novels! But it’s not just another fiction podcast. 

Yes, we’ll talk about your stories. We’ll learn your origins. And we’ll chat about your writing styles. But we’ll also chat about our common mission: CatholicAuthors in the modern world.

Podcast reach: 10K Catholics

This podcast is a project by SmartCatholics, the fastest growing community to support Pope Francis, help Catholics regroup, and create resources to renew our hope.

Your episode will be emailed to 10,000+ Catholics worldwide in the SmartCatholics Weekly Insider.

With your episode, we will feature your bio, your link to your website, your book blurb, and a link to your book.

How it works

Join Dominic for a 30 minute, video recording session that gets published on YouTube – perfect for sharing on your blog. Afterward, Dominic will publish it on Spotify as a podcast, and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and to the email list.

You will also get copies of the promotional artwork so that you can update your friends, fans, and followers with your interview!

Bonus: interview members get into the CatholicAuthor community free! Just ask.

Podcast Format & Questions

Here is how the podcast is formatted:

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Author Origins: Backstory and experience
  • The Book: It’s genesis, process, and launch
  • Favorite Legend or Story
  • Worldbuilding & Backstory: Do you plot or pants?
  • Writing Process: How do you make it work for you?
  • Your 1 minute message of encouragement to Catholic authors

Tech checks

For a smooth interview: Please ensure you have a quiet environment, and strong WIFI/internet signal for a good interview. 

About the name

The name is inspired by St Basil the Great;

“We shall become more intimately acquainted with these precepts in the sacred writings, but it is incumbent upon us, for the present, to trace, as it were, the silhouette of virtue in the [secular] authors.” – St Basil the Great, Address to Young Men on the Right Use of Greek Literature

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