‘Hero‘ is a masterpiece of Chinese cinema, where a convoluted assassination plot is told from three different points of view, the first being a lie, the second a false impression, and the third the truth.

Man’s history is the same thing; God’s masterpiece of Creation is caught up in an assassination plot between angel and demon, with scores of dedicated humans on either side. Throughout time, we’ve believed a blurred vision that we descended from gods. Today we are told that our grandfathers were chunnering apes.

And yet the truth is more stunning than all that.

Creeds of the 6th Day

The ancient cultures were creeds of the Sixth Day. Scott Hahn delves into the concept of successive covenants in his brilliant series on the book of Genesis, and he stresses the significance of the Seventh Day. Man was created on the Sixth Day along with the all the animals, the earth-dust blown from his nostrils along with the lions and llamas. God gave this limp body Divine CPR, breathing into it a soul.

Then God rested on the Seventh, and covenanted with Man to join him in rest. In this, Man’s dignity was raised above the animals, and he was invited to share in God’s life.

A culture that puts matter over spirit, body over soul, is a return to the Sixth Day. And this is the case with the animalism found in the Sumerians, the Maya, the Egyptians and so forth. They viewed the animals’ cyclic lifestyles of birth, life and death as the ultimate ideal, a philosophy coaxed on by the Ancient Evil of Ages.

This creates a divorce within Man’s very nature, as he seeks his humanity within only half his nature, the half he was called to transcend and take with him into glory.

Terror Cults of Ancient Gods

The priests of these cultures, drunk on power, control and the occult, kept the people simple and illiterate, feeding them a diet of terror and blurred myths. Even then, man knew his origins had to be greater than the beasts on which he dined; he could love, think, hope and reason, faculties that didn’t depend on his animal nature.

No animal is unsatisfied with this universe; but every man still hopes for something more – an indication that our blood is not just the blood of the earth. Traces remain of a primeval divine transfusion.

The priests knew the truth, and only the initiates were allowed to know the simplicity of reality; there is a Creator God, there are demons who jump at our call, there is eternity to juggle at each moment. Most important of all, we are fathered by God Himself, born by His Will and of His nature, our nature made in His Image and Likeness.

At least among these priests, the Caesars, and shamans, there were gods somewhere along the line. They claimed direct descent from some divine generation, either formed from spittle or slime or an accident or ascent.

Modern High Priests of Science

Today, the high priests of our secular culture spin us sophisticated tales of evolution, reasoned with un-reasonable principles, their thoughts excellent locutions of elegant stupidity. They tells us that there is no divinity, no gods, no creative intelligence. And yet they advocate the idea that the universe is a self-creating, self-evolving entity.

Animals change themselves across species without external influence, as if animated by an intelligent force toward perfection. Believing in a pan (all) god is a natural conclusion; our bodies are spurts of stardust, our brothers are the bananas and our mothers the mountains. In such a vision, we are nothing, and the pan is all.

Our modern storytellers are unnerving; they have turned our fairy tales into nightmares. In the old days, our storytellers would say “Once upon a time, somewhere far away, something magical happened”, and we all knew it was just a story.

Today, our modern storytellers say the same thing; “A trillion years ago, somewhere we don’t know, something ‘scientific’ happened,”.  But this time they convince our children it is all real.

For this reason, Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ is a perfect example of mankind once again returning to the Sixth Day as an animal, communing with the universe-mother, and destined to be re-absorbed back into her with meaningless death.

A Message in A Bottle

But there is one truth, granted to the Hebrews and guarded by the Jews, until God stepped in again and generated a Church to last till the end of time. This truth is a simple revealing of the blurred veils of old, a capstone to the confused grunting of ape-myth.

The story of mankind was lost to millions of people within a generation, and transferred into a new world through a bobbing ark, then almost lost again and thundered out in a tornado of fire on Sinai. Its message was simple.

In the beginning there was God, and nothing else. Then God drew order from a chaos of created matter, and into that order He grafted His own Life. With the Fall, He set a series of covenants in motion to bind fallen-away individuals, tribes, and nations and finally all mankind back into union with Him, a history of tragedy and triumph more startling and more beautiful for its sadnesses and successes.

With the Incarnation and death of Christ, the Divine Son of God, He birthed His last and most glorious capstone; the Church, a Mystical Body with the Holy Spirit as its soul, and a communion of souls throughout all history and time, uniting Heaven and Purgatory and Earth. Only a God could have such a vision, such a love to unite the Saved with the Suffering and the Struggling, and then to take that Vision of loveliness to His side as a Bride.

A Three-Way Fight

Our modern world is so proud of its forward-thinking progress, so confident in its ability to transcend the weaknesses of older mankind and forge ahead into a future free from morality and mortality. And ironically, we have only more closely rooted ourselves back into the dusty womb that birthed us, striving to exhale the divine breath of God and become dust again.

Our culture is riven in a three-way battle between three kinds of Caesars; one is the god-fathered Caesar of Rome, the Pharoah-children of Ra. The other is the free-thinking simian in a planet of apes, a son of rebellion, rage and rights. The last is the return of the Son, who presents a plan of salvation, only to find His eldest child stabbing Him as He whispers, ‘Et tu, Brute’?

At least the god-idolizing ancients were more human than the ape-loving scientists. Pharaoh used to be a relative of Ra. Today, Presidents are the proceeds of primates.

Someday, it is hoped that they wake up from their nightmare and find that they have God for a grandfather.

Header image © 20th Century Fox, ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ 

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