Bad guys avoid good girls, the way wimps avoid warriors.

For many young women, their choices are often lonely ones, because on the road to God, there are only three people; her, the devil and Christ.  The same is true for all of us.  All three want our vote; only one should get it. Following ourselves rarely works, because we don’t go anywhere. The devil never ends up anywhere good, and Christ asks for blind trust in His leadership. A half-hearted effort meets with no response, or a half-baked answer.

Hard Choices for Heroic Lives

Crystalina Evert from EWTN’s ‘Pure Life’ identifies with the hard choices many girls make in search of God.  Many women lose friends, opportunities and fun. The question they ask; how much is God worth?  Some might have to wait, but God will lead them to the man meant to be their knight.

Some people link fairy tales with unrealistic, ideas of knights saving helpless, passive ladies.

First of all, half of all the tales out there are of women nearly killing themselves to lead heroic lives or to save their helpless heroes. But these simplistic tales are the first plates of armor being formed around a girl’s heart. She needs to learn how to desire a ‘noble knight in shining armor’ to whom she can look up to and admire, be safe and confident, respected and adored.

Those are high ideals for any man to live up to, and yet, isn’t she worth it? Should she settle for anything less?

Fairy Tales as Inspiration

Good fairy tales are stories that illustrate healthy ideas and form healthy desires. A girl with examples like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and ‘Sweetheart Roland’ will skim over the immature boys and selfish men in her own life, waiting and looking for the one man who will become for her – the knight on a white horse.

The alternative?  Generations of girls growing up without these examples and ideas are given other ideas. From innocent childhood, modern culture feeds them on feminist agression, hyper-sexual attitudes and bloated egos.

When they mature into young women, many struggle with insecurity in a world demanding that they be leaders.  They remain self-conscious against a fake fashion industry and so desperate for love that they settle for less in men… over and over again.

Broken Hearts, Newfound Hope

Ours is a generation of women with broken hearts, caught in a tragic trap of ‘liberation’ from their own humanity.  Nothing is ever truly lost, all can be regained.  Sometimes a damaged heart knows to love goodness more sweetly.

Contrast this modern emptiness with girls who were given a chance in their childhood and encouraged to wait, saving their sweetness and sexuality, their intelligence and creativity, their beauty and bridehood for a man strong enough to bolster their weakness, carry them in his arms and fill them with the greatness of his heart.

Some won’t find men immediately. Many men can’t find their princesses easily. But because they are harder to find, the wait is worth far more.

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