Yes, you can fascinate your readers!

If you want to deepen characterization, improve your plot, and fascinate your readers, then don’t go it alone any more. You have a new friend who can help you brainstorm your fiction!

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Developmental Editing & Fiction Coach

You absolutely can fascinate your readers, and without spending armloads of money or getting a four-year degree. 

Most millennial authors

  • dream about writing that novel
  • want to become an incredible author
  • work hard to fascinate their readers

Do you want to deepen characterization, improve your plot, and  amaze and fascinate your readers?

There’s no need to go it alone any more.

“Working with Dominic opened up whole new dimensions to my story that I had never even considered before.”

Eric Harrah, ‘The Sartonian Knight’

“Dominic de Souza has a great gift of editing that pours out into his skills, helping me go deeper into my thoughts and prose so that the words on pages spring to life.”

Dr Jean Lee, ‘A Modern Day Mary Magdalene’

Keep your readers turning pages!

I’m Dominic de Souza, Catholic Author & Writing Coach.

A graduate from the Writers Institute for Children’s Literature, I’m a Theologeek (geek out about Theology), Entrepeneurd (nerd out about new things and marketing them), brand strategist (identify and clarify how to sell things), and fiction lover (’nuff said.).

I provide developmental editing and writing coach services for Catholic authors, and especially millennials, eager to share their stories.

Getting a second opinion is critical for great fiction.

Every page you write is a chance to tell a better story.

So get the feedback and brainstorming you need to help your creativity explode.

Did you know that most novels get finished, but never actually get read?

That’s because most authors get rejected from a publisher, often because of weak characterization, or some extra editing that needed to be done.

Publishers often don’t have time to invest in improving your novel.

They prefer top-quality, unless you’re a sheer genius.

Don’t worry, that’s not your fault.

You just need some extra help to get you to publishing quality.

Too many novels sit lonely and unread because you didn’t have the knowhow or confidence to craft a finished product.

So, here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you get…

Together, we can get your book in incredible shape.

  • You’ll spend less time wishing your friends would actually read it… like they said they would.
  • You’ll become a better writer in the process.
  • You’ll grow in confidence, and learn how to say what you need with smoother quality and a developed tone.

Never suffer from writers block again!

A developmental editor in  your back pocket guarantees that your story is using all the ideas you didn’t realize were hiding between the lines.

A developmental editor is your best friend.

  • You’ll boost your writing style and feel confident in taking your manuscript to a publisher.
  • When you finish that last page, you know that you’ve done everything you can to make an incredible novel.
  • Every one is impressed at an author who’s actually finished a novel, right?

Send me a summary of your story on one page and I’ll review it!

Most publishing houses/editors will want to see something like this; a synopsis of your plot that sketches the broadest strokes and shows that you have a clear idea of where the story is going.

Subplots are generally ignored, character details aren’t relevant. They want to see what happens in a general way.

Heck, you should probably have one before starting writing!

From this overview of your story, I’ll ask you at least three questions – either to prompt you to be more creative with your plot, or to clarify what you mean by a making a certain point.

Having a fresh pair of eyes familiar with looking for plot development is a valuable way to make sure your story is working the way you know it should.

Send me a sample of your writing, and I’ll let you know one thing you’re already good at.

I’ll also one thing you can start doing >right now to become a better author.

There’s nothing to lose. Here’s my iron-clad, money-back guarantee:

If “Review My Plot” and “Free Review” doesn’t

  • boost your confidence in your novel
  • give you fresh thoughts for making your plot stronger,
  • give you solid starters for improving my manuscript,

Then you will receive a full refund, no questions asked!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders.

But I’m not worried. I think you’ll like how we work togethe.

Now you have a bouncing board for brainstorming, and a Catholic who understands what you’re trying to do!


Let’s do something amazing.

Everything is absolutely confidential. We’ll even sign a contract before starting work.

Get Feedback and Critique

I’ll read everything you send, and give you as many questions as I can to improve your story.

“Successful collabora­tion allows the author to feel sustained and liberated by knowing that she doesn’t have to bear the burden of creation, development, and refinement alone.”

 Paul D. McCarthy

Every page in your novel could take you places that never occurred to you.

I’ve been passionate about storytelling since I was 7, and have spent equal amounts of time writing and studying the craft of writing.

But if you and I are anything like each other, we are always dying for someone to hear our story idea and give us feedback.

Feedback that actually helps us improve.

Authors need Feedback, not Critiquing.

Do you get that look of glazed interest from friends and family, with happy little cliches like,

  • “Sounding good so far,”
  • “Yeah, there’s a lot you could do with that.”
  • “I’ll read it when you’re done!”

But that’s not what you need. Or want.

I know that I wanted someone who would actually engage with my world, learn the rules and help me unlock the incredible story that was keeping me up at night.

I needed to share with someone that eagerness and creativity to tell a story that would make the reader stay up all hours.

I was fortunate to have another brother who loved writing.

As I look back on it now, I realize that often we were ‘developmental editors’ for each other, and we’d spend hours brainstorming over picking potatoes or taking long car rides, drawing inspiration from all the books and films that we watched.

And they were a lot.

Perhaps right now you’re beginning to realize how incredible something like this is. I know I’m tingling over the possibilities.

A Developmental Editor (writing coach) doesn’t focus on what happens after you finish your novel.

I do more than help you edit and proofread to get it ready for publication.

I help you tell the story you always wanted to tell.

I’m a sounding board on which you can bounce ideas, and I come back with loads of questions to deepen your work, to flesh out your characters and hone in on their motivations.

Too Close to Be Objective?

More often than not, we are too close to our own stories to be objective. We don’t see the plot gaps, the holes, the implied elements that make sense to us, but not others.

A developmental editor looks at your story arc, how you’ve laid out your scenes, how you’re expressing your characters, how you’re telling your story, and breaks it down scene by scene, paragraph by paragraph with rich questions designed to jumpstart your creativity, firm up your narrative and tell an incredible tale.

Development can be a thrilling experience!

Say you have an idea for a novel, and you’ve been stewing on it for a couple of weeks.

Or perhaps even a couple of hours (!), and you really need someone to brainstorm with.

Now is the time to start developing it.

Hiring a writing coach after you’ve written  your novel can be very painful, because it can sometimes involve huge amounts of rewriting – especially if you are early in  your writing career.

But getting a coach involved early on is a fantastic way to stir your creativity and deepen your story in ways you never expected.

Excited yet?

This is a chance to make a new friend, someone who understands the unique passion and excitement that comes from exploring a new world, inventing an invasion, or coding a mystery into seemingly normal events.

We’re talking about someone an email away who will give you valuable insights into your own story, drawing on a wealth of passion and love of writing.

Each email is packed with questions and suggestions to keep you going.

We’ve had that one person in our lives who thinks that critiquing is taking a hammer to our flaws to make them bigger so that we see them easier.

Not cool.

Give me ideas. Not criticism.

Creative criticism should be supported by suggestions.

The more I learn about you and your world, the better I will be at helping you develop it.

Within our first couple of emails, you’ll realize that I’m asking things about your world that you hadn’t considered. Perhaps you hoped to ignore it, or that no one would notice. ;)

But you’ll realize that telling a good story means going the extra mile.

And I am so pumped to get to know you and your WIP.

How to Work with a Developmental Editor

In opening up your story to someone else, you feel like you’re exposing something precious, opening up yourself to ridicule, sharing where you’re particularly vulnerable.

Never gonna happen.

I’m on your side.

That being said, I will frequently ask you why you made a certain plot point, help you to clarify your reasoning, and collaborate with you to improve.

3 Things to Keep in Mind

Here are three things courtesy of Katherine Pickett to bear in mind as we start collaborating on your story;

  1. Be open minded and seriously consider the feedback I provide. We are both looking to do the same thing; improve your story. It can be hard to have someone else take your story apart, and sometimes it might seem like they don’t appreciate the hard work and imagination you’ve put into it. Not the case. :)
  2. Flexibility and good communication are vital. I will always do my best to communicate exactly what I mean, and not imply or fudge the details you want/need to hear. It’s your book, so we need to be on the same page. It’s a two-way street, and I expect that kind of transparency from you.
  3. Remain focused on the big picture. Once we’ve agreed on the direction your book should take, I will help you determine the best order and organization for the chapters, highlight places where the text may have digressed too far from the topic, and point out areas where more explana­tion is needed.

Interested to give this a go? I expect only one thing from you; respect. 

You remain totally free to implement any/none of my changes, but I will always do my best to ask the questions and help  you through the flaws to build a better novel.

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